Advantages of AOLISHENG Heavy Duty Slides

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First, the environmentally friendly slide material
1)All metals can be used as new materials for future production, enabling a waste-free production process;
2) All drawer slides are solvent-free and paint-free;
3)Use non-chemical coating products and construction techniques.

Second, the slide rail production equipment is advanced and complete
1)Possess high-precision machines imported from Taiwan;
2) Fully equipped: 16 forming machines, 77 punching machines, 9 assembling machines, 1 salt spray machine, 4 load-bearing testing machines, 1 steel ball selection machine, 1 hardness testing machine, 1 limit glue test machine.

Third, the quality of the slide rail is guaranteed
1)The slide rail adopts Q235D primary raw material stainless steel. The carbon content of Q235 is as high as 0.22%, which is 0.1 higher than that of Q195, which is 0.12 in the market. Three times the rail, the plastic parts are PE flame retardant material, which is safer to use, the load is pulled 8W+ times, and the service life is as high as 30 years!
2)The surface of the heavy-duty slide rail is galvanized and sealed with blue double-layer protection. After 26 electroplating processes, the electroplating layer is 10UM, which is 3UM thicker than the ordinary 7UM in the market, and has higher anti-rust ability. Up to 24 hours , heavy-duty slide rails can also be used as electrophoresis surfaces;
3)home improvement slide rails surface electrophoresis black treatment, electrophoresis is electroplating metal particles covered with positive and negative electrodes on the surface of the product, electrophoresis paint film has a full, uniform, flat and smooth coating. Advantages, the hardness, adhesion, corrosion resistance, impact performance and penetration performance of the electrophoretic paint film are obviously better than other coating processes.