1) Customer first.
  1. Providing customers with high-quality products, efficient services, and comfortable buying experience.
  2. Customers are the people we rely on for a living, and it’s an honor and a responsibility to win their trust.
  3. Thinking about the problems from the customers' standpoint, and achieve the satisfaction ultimately for both the customer and the company on the basis of adhering to the principle.
2)Work Hard
  1. Increasing revenue and reducing expenditures, saving should be done on the basis of smallness, and waste should not be made on the basis of smallness.
  2. Maintaining a state of work hard at all times and take a step back is the abyss. We have no choice but to win.
  3. Having a sense of ownership, influence the team positively, improve team morale and atmosphere.
3) Do What You Say
  1. Do not postpone today's tasks to tomorrow, and only do work-related things during working hours.
  2. Setting higher goals constantly, today’s best performance is tomorrow’s minimum requirement.
  3. Influencing and driving colleagues and teams with an optimistic spirit and a belief in victory all along.

4) Only Recognize Achievements, not Diligence

  1. Giving the baton to those who can lead us to victory, giving the rewards to those who have contributions, and giving applause to those who have worked hard.
  2. Sharing business knowledge and experiences actively; giving colleagues necessary help initiatively; being good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties.
  3. Continuing to learn, self-improving, and doing things fully reflect the result-oriented approach, and no one is allowed to lie down on the merits.

5) Sense of Crisis and Awe Be Everywhere

  1. Creating changes and bringing breakthroughs in performance.
  2. Boning in sorrow and dying in comfort, staying humble and studious, and planning for the worst.
  3. Fully respecting and learning from the advantages of excellent friends. Keeping healthy progress with friends and businessmen and sharing the market.