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Orders shipped from our US warehouse typically take 2-5 days for delivery.

Two heavy-duty slide rails arepacked in one package. They arepacked in
unsealed plastic bags. Smallquantities are packed in foam whenshipped. lf one piece is enough, theyare packed in cartons.

Questions & Answers About Drawer Slides

The lock head can be locked when the drawer is fully pulled out and fully closed, which can effectively prevent the vehicle from shaking during transportation and also prevent the safety of children

We sell in pairs, two for one

Thank you for your reminder, and I am very sorry for the bad shopping experience. Regarding the problem of using screws for heavy industrial rails, because industrial rails have a wide range of uses, the ways to fix the rails are different, some are directly welded, some use self-tapping screws, some use nuts and screws, and the length of the screws is different. It is not the same, so we cannot achieve unity, so there is no match.

Each of our products has been completed through more than a dozen processes. It is acid-proof and rust-proof, triple-sealed glaze, high-temperature electroplating, and seamless welding to prevent oxidation during the application process. Paint falls off, rust , etc., so you can buy with confidence

The length of the three-section guide rail is the same as the length of the full-pull guide rail itself. Example: What you buy is: (18 inches) 45 cm slide rail. The closed length of the rail is 45 cm, and the length of the rail is 45 cm when it is pulled out. The total length when it is opened is 90 cm.

Our heavy-duty slides have been tested by the SGS testing organization, and the number of opening and closing times exceeds 60,000.

The 18-inch test load is 227kg, and the load-bearing capacity is reduced by 3kg for every two inches long, and the load-bearing capacity is increased by 3kg for every two inches short


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