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The future market of heavy-duty slides

With the changes of the times, the hardware accessories market has become more and more widely used. Our AOLISHEGN brand occupies the world’s largest market share in the field of industrial heavy-duty slides, with 76 belt locks, 71, 53, 51 wide and high load-bearing precision slides. Rail-centric products are widely used in the fields of heavy industry, warships, armored vehicles, fire trucks, ships, and precision machinery. What I am going to introduce to you today is: heavy-duty slides.

heavy duty drawer slides


Compared with ordinary steel ball slides, the biggest feature of this heavy-duty slide rail is that its load-bearing capacity can reach 120KG or 220KG, while the load-bearing weight of conventional steel ball slides is only about 40-45KG, so its super load-bearing capacity becomes The best choice for many mechanical drawers or large drawers. Moreover, this feature is also very popular in heavy industries such as thin RVs, armored vehicles, and has become one of the hardware accessories for this high-end anti-wear function.


The second feature is the long stroke. The size of the total sliding rail can be selected from 10 inches (250mm) to 80 inches (2000mm). Such a long stroke can achieve effects that many other products cannot achieve. As shown in the picture, our heavy-duty slide is installed


However, for this kind of super heavy drawer slide, it is not a trivial matter that such a middle drawer falls casually after opening, so we took this into consideration and safety, and subsequently we also developed a heavy slide with lock, which is also Our third two points: after opening or closing, the drawer can be fixed without happening only. This greatly enhances the safety of users.


Equipped with a heavy-duty sliding rail with a lock. After opening the drawer, we only need to gently press the switch on the head of the sliding rail to achieve the effect of fixing the drawer, preventing the drawer from inadvertently sliding down. After closing the drawer, press the sliding rail The switch of the head can open the drawer. The drawer can be automatically locked by pulling it to the top.