From four entrepreneurs to today, Aolisheng has a team of more than 100 people. The product is built from scratch and the product line is reproduced. From the initial market purchase, we can design and construct independently.Our efforts have been successful.


Establishment & Innovation

Ao Li Sheng's former brand Ao Nuo De was established on the mezzanine of about 10 square meters in the corner of Foshan, China. The meaning implies that all roads lead to Rome. In 2010, relying on our unique corporate culture, we carried out a comprehensive reform of this team, transformed AOLISHENG from an offline model to the field of e-commerce market, and carried out the company's innovation.


Company innovation

In 2013, with our special corporate culture, this team undertook a comprehensive reform, which transformed Orixun from an offline model to an e-commerce market in the B2C field.


Company relocation

From a stairwell of only 10 square meters to a warehouse of only 40 square meters, a steady increase in performance has been achieved. In 2011, he moved into a three-story old house and began to expand, with initial results.



Exploit the Southeast Asian market

Foshan Aolisheng Co., Ltd. officially transformed into a new type of cross-border foreign trade company with foreign trade as the core in January 2020.


Establish new business & brand promotion

AOLISHENG Co., Ltd., Foshan, China, established Huaxing Slide Co., Ltd. with its partners in 2014 to develop the foreign trade market. In 2015, we cooperated with Yangxin Electromechanical Group to plan and design AOLISHENG new factory area and promote AOLISHENG brand.


Have more and more teams

In 2017, Foshan Aolisheng Co., Ltd. set out with dreams in a new business format and a new environment. The export team combines exhibitions and Internet channels to provide online professional services from Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.




Obtain the certificate

Research and develop doors and windows that meet European and North American standards, and take the lead in obtaining SGS certificates