AOLISHENG was established in November 2009, positioning mid-to-high-end custom hardware for the whole house. The AOLISHENG brand occupies a global core in the field of industrial heavy-duty slides, and its products are widely used in the fields of heavy industry, warships, armored vehicles, fire trucks, ships, and precision machinery. Home improvement hardware products, led by drawer slides and cabinet door hinges, provide supporting support for the cabinet, wardrobe, and bathroom industries. After more than ten years of market precipitation, the AOLISHENG brand has been defined by the market as a high-end, whole-house hardware custom brand dominated by industrial heavy-duty slides.

On November 25th, the predecessor brand of Aolisheng, namely ALLROAD, was established on a stairwell mezzanine with an area of about 10 square meters at the turn of Yanbu, Foshan. It means that all roads lead to Rome.


Relocated to a warehouse of about 40 square meters at the intersection of Yaotou Village, Yanbu, and expanded business in kitchen cabinet stores and cabinet factories in Guangzhou and Foshan, and achieved steady growth in performance.


Relocated to a three-story old house in Shangbaini Village, Yanbu, about 200 square meters. Started to expand the business of kitchen cabinet stores and hardware stores in Guangdong Province, and initially achieved positive results.


As the Aonod brand was maliciously registered with category 6 aluminum products and was pressured by friends in the supply chain, it was forced to give up and use the new brand Aolisheng. And tasted the national dealer model with Henan as the first stop and achieved positive results.


Relocated to a 500-square-meter plant on Guanyao Yong'an Avenue, the business focus of the brand marketing department of Aolisheng shifted to national distributors, positioning the customer group as high-end hardware stores, and comprehensively and in-depth expansion of the domestic first-line brands.


When dealers across the country achieved better market returns, the official website was strategically deployed and Baidu promotion was the focus. At the same time, the site 1688 was dedicated to Meitu and promotion. The B2B model did not achieve breakthrough performance growth.


The founder of Aolisheng continued to participate in training, in-depth study of the business model and management of large companies, focused on learning B2C in the exploration, and tried to start the era of Aolisheng Taobao at the end of the year.


Establishing the core values of Aolisheng, after a year of hard work by some employees headed by Hu Tieqing, the e-commerce department finally achieved breakthrough performance growth.


Aolisheng’s corporate culture has exerted an important influence and enabled the e-commerce department to achieve brilliant achievements and accumulate a large number of high-quality customers. This year, the Aoli brand sliding track won a place on the Ali platform.


Aolisheng brand enters Tmall, brand positioning whole house hardware is the direction of expansion. In order to give back to the outstanding old employees, the backbone dividend mechanism, the 311 plan, was officially launched on March 11.


At the moment when the Aolisheng ecological chain was maliciously targeted, it was forced to set up a kitchen poetry team and a Huaxing brand to ensure the achievements of all Aolisheng people's ten-year struggle. The Ministry of Foreign Trade was established, opening the way for overseas market exploration.


In January, after moving into the Heshun factory, it encountered the global new crown epidemic. The company encountered challenges in its operations. The founders constantly adjusted the organizational structure, and with the full support of all the backbones, they survived the crisis, and also created the highest single-month performance from 19 years. 330 to break the record high of 710. The company became the secretary general and management mentor of the Guangdong Foreign Trade League of Legends, and the company was officially transformed into a new type of cross-border foreign trade company with the Ministry of Foreign Trade as its core.