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53MM wide drawer slide rail disassembly and load bearing test

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Aolisheng was established in November 2009, positioning mid-to-high-end custom hardware for the whole house. The Aolisheng brand occupies the world's largest market share in the field of industrial heavy-duty slides. Products with 76 locks, 71, 53, 51 wide and high-precision slide rails as the core are widely used in the fields of heavy industry, warships, armored vehicles, fire trucks, ships, and precision machinery. Home decoration hardware products led by drawer slides and cabinet door hinges provide supporting support for cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom industries. After more than ten years of market precipitation, the Aolisheng brand has been defined by the market as a high-end, whole-house hardware custom brand focusing on industrial heavy-duty slides.

Today we will focus on the heavy-duty slides of the 53 series

How many kilograms can the 53mm wide drawer slide?

The load-bearing capacity we marked is: the load-bearing range within 18 inches, the load-bearing outside 18 inches is relatively weaker, the longer the length, the greater the resistance, the lower the load-bearing capacity, this can carry 120 kg.

What is the length of this damping model?

53 types of heavy-duty slide rails with damping buffer, the stock is only in the size of 12 inches (30cm)-30 inches (75cm), other sizes are not damped.

What is the damping effect of 53mm wide heavy drawer slide rail?
Damping is the function of buffering: with a damping device, when the guide rail slides and touches the damping device, it will automatically close slowly to avoid making a sound. The force is gentle and does not pinch your hands. [Due to the damper, the pulling will be a little tight, so please take it carefully! 】

How to disassemble the 53mm wide heavy slide rail?
It can be disassembled. Just pull out all the inner rails, and you can see a small buckle on the back. One is pulled out by pressing down, and the other is pulled out by pressing up, so that you can Disassembled.

Can this slide rail be installed vertically?
This heavy-duty slide rail is not possible. Our side-mounted slide rails cannot bear the weight of vertical installation. If installed in this way, the slide rails are easy to leak, which is very dangerous.

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