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How to install the bottom mount drawer slides

Simple and convenient installation and removal method
Next, we will introduce the installation and disassembly methods of stair rails. You can install it yourself, no need to ask a master to come.

There is no doubt that the most indispensable thing around us is hardware. With our daily work, transportation and some commonly used tools, more and more things need to use our slides, and these slides are often by our side

The product may be on your stair shoe rack: our stair railing can extend your house one step beside it, which will save us more space and look more beautiful and beautiful. The most common thing we use is under the stairs.


Of course, we have more sliding rail series, such as: heavy-duty slides, home improvement slides, side-mounted drawer slides, soft drawer slides, bottom-mounted drawer slides, pull baskets, bottom brackets, etc. The needs of each customer are different. Our products are in short supply. Our slide rails have passed the salt spray test, so you can rest assured that these slide rails are used in drawers, RVs, vending machines, vehicle modification and other places.

What is the material of the stair railing? What is the thickness of the material?
First, the stair railings are stored on the stairs. Everyone hopes that the guide rails they buy are cheap and guaranteed. Our stair railing customers can be absolutely assured of quality assurance. The material of our stair handrails is 2.0mm. The latter is made of cold rolled steel sheet
Yes, what is the effect of surface treatment of blue zinc
Yes, I am a little curious about what is the blue zinc coating on the stair railing and what does it do? The blue zinc coating has strong corrosion resistance and can better protect the steel. It can be oxidized by gas or used as decoration. Our sliding rail promises to provide a three-year warranty. Each of our products is completed through more than a dozen processes. , Anti-acid and anti-rust, triple sealing glaze, high temperature electroplating, seamless welding, preventing oxidation, paint and rust during use, so you can buy with confidence

How to install stair railings? What are the specific installation steps?
Our stair handrails do not support disassembly. The installation steps are as follows: 1. Install the guide rail at the bottom of the cabinet first. 2: Lift the cabinet to the place where it needs to be installed, pull out the cabinet, and install the screws on the ground. This completes the installation. Regarding the installation of stair handrails, we can provide some suggestions 1. The net depth of the stairs should be greater than the length of the handrails. 2. The reserved height for slide rail installation is 53.8mm, which must be reserved. 3. Customized width, 400-600mm is generally recommended. 4. The height can be customized, generally not more than 2 meters. 5. Install one pull-out cabinet and one pair at the bottom of the cabinet.

This stair slide is a bottom slide, will it be too astringent to pull it out?
No, although this is a stair slide installed at the bottom, it will not be too harsh, because we have double rows of steel balls on both sides. The drawer is very smooth. The double-row solid steel balls are silent. Things are very convenient

How many specifications of our stair slides? What is the length of each pull-out? How much weight can it reach?
A2047-400-700 A2047-400-900 A2047-600-1100 A2047-600-1450
A2047-800-1500 A2047-800-1850 A2047-1000-1900 A2047-1000-2250
Our bottom-mounted stair rails can reach 120kg

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