General question

Q: How to retreat?

Answer: Many AOLISHENG drop-down slide rails have a mechanism that will connect with the rack cabinet. You can learn about different alternative connection methods through our blog or video

Q: How can I find the slides suitable for my project?

A: Visit our drag and drop slideshow. We have listed the range of slide rails according to their main characteristics (such as rated load, special functions and installation arrangements). If you need additional help, please contact our customer support

Q: AOLISHENG What payment methods are accepted?


Q: What is a lock

Answer: Locking and locking the slide rail can reliably lock the slide rail in place, and more purposeful actions are needed to open and close. Answer: Locking and locking the slide rail can reliably lock the slide rail in place, and more purposeful actions are needed to open and close.This means that just pulling or pushing the rod will not move, so it is very safe in many applications. These slides are most commonly used in vehicles and open and close when not in use, which increases the risk if they do.

product problem

Q: What is Ball bearing drawer slide?

Answer: Drag and drop slides, linear slides, telescopic ball slides...whatever you call them, they basically move the object up and down, back and forth, place the object in the correct position and provide access to the product Permissions. The ball bearing is controlled by a ball cage. This fixes the ball bearing in place and allows the members of the slider to move relative to each other. Through precise design and manufacturing, components and cages move in a ratio of 2:1.

Q: How wide is your drawer

Answer: Even if the rated load of the slide rail may be greater than the load required by the project, it is always best to choose a slide rail that can meet the length requirements. Generally, we recommend that the length of the slider is equal to or slightly larger than the enlarged width.

Q: What is Soft close?

Answer: What is the difference between easy-closing slides and self-closing slides? Some of our easy-closing and self-closing slides have some things in common, such as full extension, front disconnection, retention function and high rated load, but all easy-closing and self-closing slides are very different.The automatic closing slide rail uses a spring mechanism to close the drawer, once the spring is engaged, it will be quickly pulled out.At the same time, the easy-to-close (also called "soft-close") sliding device has a shock absorber mechanism in addition to a spring, which can gently and quietly pull the drawer.

Q: What is a full extension

Answer: Allow the drawer to open the entire length of the slide to provide more access space and make it easier to use.The full extended slide is perfect for the kitchen and any other areas where you might want to use tools unhindered.

Q: What is leverage disconnection?

Answer: Loosen the internal lever, and then pull out the drawer to take it out of the cabinet to disconnect it

Q: What is the Side space?

Answer: The side space is the amount of space required to accommodate the thickness of the slide rails in the cabinet.This distance can be measured by subtracting the outer dimensions of the drawer from the inner dimensions of the cabinet, and then dividing it by half.

Question: Functions and actions

Answer: Shock absorption: Hard closing or impact is usually the cause of damage to the internal mechanism of the drawer slide.To help protect the quality of the slides, look for slides with shock absorption.If someone turns them off accidentally, they will also limit noise.
Push to open: The slide rail that can be opened with one click has little attraction to you, and there is no need for additional handles or knobs.These are good choices for kitchens and bathrooms.In these kitchens and bathrooms, eye-catching hardware may interfere with the appearance of your space or make children feel collision.
Automatic closing: When the drawer is gently pushed in this direction, the sliding piece will return the drawer to the cabinet completely.
Gentle closing: The sliding element adds a cushioning effect to the automatic closing function, allowing the drawer to gently return to the cabinet without being impacted.

Q: What is load rate

Answer: The rated load refers to the ability of the slide rail to safely bear a certain weight specified by the manufacturer when it is fully extended.

Q:Factors such as deflection and dynamic load can be used to calculate this number.

Answer: Bottom-mounted drawer slides or bottom-mounted drawer slides are usually installed horizontally under the drawer chassis.The bottom slide is specifically designed for this task, and it is ideal when aesthetics or space issues are of paramount importance.The only disadvantage is that the horizontal configuration of under-installed slide rails usually reduces its load-bearing efficiency compared to more common slide rails.

Payment Information

Q: Is payment made by cashier's check or money order?

A: We ship all orders through UPS Ground.UPS points out that depending on your location, its ground service will take 1-6 business days.All stock orders are shipped on the same day or Monday (if the order is shipped on the weekend).In addition, in most cases, out-of-stock orders will be shipped within 1-5 days.The shipping estimate sent in your shipping confirmation is a system-generated response.In most cases, we will send your order to you faster than the estimated time shown.

Q: Is it safe to use a credit card online?

Answer: Yes!Olison understands that the security of your personal information is very important to you.We use various electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access.aolisheng runs on the e-commerce shopping platform.After changing the fields in the order entry screen, all credit card information will be encrypted, and then after processing your order, the information will be deleted from our system.

Q: What payment methods are accepted by Aulisen?

Answer: PayPal


Q: How long does it take to get an order?

Answer: Small items need 7-30 working days, if there are special reasons (such as weather, express delivery, etc., we will notify separately).
We all hope to process and send orders as soon as possible.Please fill in all the information on the checkout page, including your contact number.
Wish you happy!

Q: Do you provide other shipping methods?

Answer: Yes, we provide several modes of transportation.Most of our stock products are shipped on the same business day or the next business day after you order.AOLISHENG provides delivery methods for the next day, overnight and Saturday.

Q: Can I order from Olison over the phone?

A: Yes, you can do this, but we require you to pre-register on the website to ensure accuracy and save time, and then call our customer service department.(Open in the dialer to make a call) (free).Registration will create your account in the system for you, and we will be able to better access your information and cooperate with you.You can register without using card information.Click this link to go directly to register now.